Family Reunited With Dog One Year After She Ran Away

Last year the Robles family was left heartbroken when their beloved dog Lola ran away from home.

The Labrador retriever left the Texas family stunned when she took off last summer and Jesyln Robles, a teenager, said of her dog, “I was really sad. Most of me thought she got hit or had died somehow.”

The family was devastated, until, out of nowhere, a call came in from Dallas Animal Services saying Lola was found. The Robles family was speechless by this amazing news. They went to reunite with Lola who was beyond happy to see them again. When the family picked up the dog, they noticed she was in good health because whoever had found her looked after her and fed her well.

Jesyln and her younger brother Joshua were in tears when they saw their pup. “I couldn’t believe that she was back,” Joshua said. “I was just really surprised and I couldn’t believe it was her,” Jesyln added.

It is unknown exactly where Lola had been that past year when she was missing but they suspect that she was living with someone who took great care of her since she actually gained a couple of pounds. Now after finding Lola, the Robles family is being extra careful so that they never lose their furry best friend ever again.

Thankfully, the Robles’ had Lola microchipped, which is the reason that this reunion was possible in the first place.

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