Family Dog Went Missing For A Month Without A Trace — Then Their Other Pup Started Acting Strange

One family living in Saskatchewan, Canada, one beloved dog named Bruno went missing for a month. The pooch was owned by John and Cindy Billesbeger, who couldn’t find him despite their best efforts. They thought that Bruno was long gone – until one afternoon. John’s 2 other dogs started barking and tried to get John to follow them to an area located half a mile away from where they lived. Was it Bruno?

John went after the two dogs, only to find a 10-foot-deep hole that measured 4-feet side-wise. It was a long-forgotten old well – and something was in it!

And there their lost dog Bruno was – at the bottom of the well, frail and greatly weakened due to this ordeal.

Bruno had sustained multiple cuts and sores – his open injuries were also infected. His paws were also greatly worn out, possibly due to his escape attempts.

Together with his son, John pulled Bruno out of there, and drove Bruno to a veterinary hospital located in Estevan. Bruno went straight to emergency care, where he quickly received an IV drip and a check-up.

By the time the poor dog was found, he was already greatly malnourished, dehydrated and even anemic. However, Bruno was a lucky one – the hole he fell in had a few puddles of water, which proved crucial to his survival till he was rescued.

Bruno’s emergency care provided by the veterinary hospital he visited served him well – aside from a few sore paws and a much needed TLC, Bruno’s okay!

Today, Bruno’s recovered – and back to his own frisky self!

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