Everyone thought that this woman gave birth to 11 babies, but the truth turned out to be completely different! She had a problem she was ashamed to talk about

No one likes visiting the doctor. You have to take time off, wait until you find out that everything is okay. Many people think it’s just a waste of time and therefore avoid visiting professionals.

It’s a bad approach. Health problems should not be underestimated and it is better to lose some time in the waiting room than to later face a serious illness. The health of every person is paramount, so care must be taken not to neglect disturbing signals.

The case of 51-year-old Mercedes Talamantes shows that it is worthwhile to take tests and visit the doctor. If she had kept going without visiting one, things would have been worse. The Mexican citizen of Cabo San Lucas suspected that something was wrong, but was afraid to visit the doctor’s office! She had been avoiding a visit for 5 years! In the meantime her belly reached a colossal size.

What hurt her? More about this on the next page.

Various websites reported that the woman had become pregnant and gave birth to 11 children. They used a picture of her big “pregnant” belly and gave inaccurate information about her age and background. Apparently, she gave birth two hours after she came back from work, and labor was very easy. The boys came out one after another and after 37 minutes it was over! She achieved this using the in vitro fertilization method.

The truth is that Mercedes was not pregnant at all. She had a serious problem that she was ashamed of telling anyone. She did not even want to go to the doctor. A huge tumor was developing in her tummy and when it started to look intimidating, the Mexican began seeking help. Before the disease she weighed 65 kilograms, and when she hit the operating table, her weight increased to 125 kilos!

Her daughter took her to the hospital. The doctors could not believe that she had delayed this for so long.

It was found that Mercedes struggled with ovarian tumors for years. Over time, it spread to her abdominal cavity, and after 5 years it enlarged so that it resembled a large balloon. A team of surgeons led by Dr. Gilberto Inzunza Salazar spent four hours trying to remove the 60-kilogram tumor. Fortunately, everything was fine and the Mexican could finally walk down the corridor by herself.

I feel like a brand new woman. When I took my first steps after the operation, I thought I was walking on air – confessed the happy Mercedes.

But that’s not the end. The woman will have to go through some more necessary procedures to be able to fully recover. If she went to the doctor earlier, she wouldn’t have needed such a complicated operation.