Everyone Says He’s The Worst Dad Of All Time… But They Don’t Know The Hilarious Truth

This was so good the first time it went around, we thought we would share it again! See if we can’t make it go viral one more time! Andreas Miezans is from Sweden but currently lives in Norway – and he loves to tow things in life – his son Oscar and photoshop!

Andreas spent a lot of time with Oscar taking photos and then using photoshop to spice them up!

There is no way you will be able to look at any of these photos and not smile.

How could you not?!

Andreas has made it look like Oscar is a superhero and that he pumps gas!

Andreas said that he started to take the photos so he could bond with his son, he never expected it to be so popular!

Well, now this one with Andreas all bloody probably didn’t need to be taken and photoshopped, surely Oscar has no idea what all the fuss is.

Oh! Now here is a good one!

Andreas is showing his son the skill of the grill, but maybe he should have made sure Oscar’s toes were not so close to the flames!

Andreas said he came up with this idea even before Oscar was born.

I bet he couldn’t wait to get started!

Andreas has had a passion for photography and was going to use his skills to make the people at home smile.

I would say he has done a fine job.

I wonder if Andreas and Oscar will make more photos and share them with the world! Share away, people!