Ellen invites 6-year-old boy onstage. Crowd’s in stitches after seeing him dance to Beyonce hit

A little boy from the Philippines stole Ellen’s heart a few years ago with his impressive dance moves to the song “Bang Bang” by Beyonce. He has since been on her show four times and never ceases to impress her and the audience.

Since the little boy, named Balang, has appeared on The Ellen Show — it’s safe to say he’s become a bit of a star. His fame has been well-deserved as he keeps coming back to Ellen’s show to make everyone’s day.

We wanted to take a moment to reflect back on Balang’s debut appearance on Ellen’s show and relive the moment that took Balang to stardom. It’s one of those performances that will never get old.

Before Ellen brings the adorable Filipino boy on stage, she first shows the audience a clip of his dance moves that caught her attention in the first place.

The 6-year old little boy’s dance moves are adorably hilarious — he certainly has some natural born talent!

After the initial clip, Ellen invites the cutie pie dancer out on stage to join her; he is accompanied by a translator as he speaks a Filipino dialect. It’s obvious he’s a bit nervous, but he’s happy to answer any of Ellen’s question.

Decked to the nines, the little boy sits on the chair beside Ellen. Ellen’s first question is a typical question that an interviewer might ask someone if they are not from the U.S.A.

“So, this is your first time in American isn’t it?”

He answers with a firm yes. She then proceeds with the next question.

“What are you excited to see when you’re here?”

It turns out he was most excited about eating a lot of chocolate on his first visit to the U.S.

Not to be on The Ellen Show, no, no — of course not!

The hilariously confusing interview continues with Ellen asking innocent questions and the boy responding his best through his Filipino translator. Ellen can’t help but laugh at the culture and language barrier at times.

Ellen compliments the well-dressed little dancer and asks him how he has become so good at his art. His response is as if Ellen should have known it all along, it’s so obvious!

Balang says that when he hears a song, he can just jive to it.

The TV host then follows up that question with whether or not he likes his newfound fame from his YouTube video. It had hit a few million views at this point.

The young dancer says that he enjoys getting pinched on the cheek and his belly. Adorable!

The cuteness is all captured in the video below; it’s no wonder the world fell in love with him!

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