Eighth Grader Rescues Boater Drowning In Rough Water

While one 13-year-old from Florida was out surfing, he spotted a boater struggling to stay afloat in rough waves after his boat capsized and sunk.

The eighth-grader, Sam Ruskin, knew there wasn’t enough time to paddle back to the beach to get help, so he bravely paddled out to the drowning man. “I saw that he needed some help and I was there and I wasn’t going to let him get hurt or drown,” Ruskin said.

“I paddled to the end of the inlet and like where the current is and I gave him my surfboard. It’s really strong. I was swimming next to him so I was really kind of struggling just to get out of that area because you can get sucked into the jetty,” Ruskin explained.

“We got to where it was shallow enough for him to stand and he said, ‘Thank you,’ and I just went back out surfing,” Ruskin said about the moment that was captured on film by a drone. “When I saw the video and what he had done, I was amazed,” Ruskin’s dad, Ryan, said. “It’s about his character. He didn’t even blink an eye, just went right over there. Jumped off his board. Handed it to a grown man, saved had is life. Came back and said, ‘hey, what’s for dinner, dad?’”

Watch the entire video below to see the brave thing this boy did when he saw someone was about to drown.

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