Dog’s Reaction To Being Told He Has To Get His Ears Cleaned Is Sending Facebook Into A Frenzy

Nobody likes to be poked and prodded by other people. It’s one of the many reasons why we dislike going to the doctors for our annual checkups. It’s especially annoying when we have to have those tiny body parts inspected, such as the ears, nose, and eyes. For some, it can be painful and for others it’s ticklish.

Dogs are no different from us when it comes to the discomfort associated with our body’s nooks and crannies having to get cleaned or tended to.

When it comes to ears, dogs are particularly susceptible to yeast infections if they don’t keep them clean and they don’t rinse them after a day of playing in the water. And if they end up with a yeast infection in their ears, then they will end up with having to deal with even more annoying treatments.

There is one dog who gets particularly worked up when it comes to having his ears tended to. The golden lab named Denver doesn’t hold back from showing his owner just how he feels about the process of having liquid squirted into his ears. His priceless reaction was filmed in the video below.

As soon as Denver sees the bottle of liquid, he makes it clear that he is not on board with the lubrication and he curls up his lips so his full set of teeth are showing. He also refuses to make eye contact with the camera, clearly upset over the situation. His body appears to have turned rigid as soon as he sees the bottle that his owner is holding up in front of him. He starts to lean in toward his owner but he’s not too excited about it and that is evident in his scrunched up nose and disgusted look on his face. It’s actually surprising that he doesn’t just run away, but it looks as if he is preparing himself for the dreaded moment and part of her just wants to get it over with. Surprisingly, her tail is going a mile a minute but we are sure that she isn’t happy about what is about to happen.

Because Denver is so adorable, it didn’t take long at all for her video to receive thousands of views.

Here is what people had to say about the quirky pup…

“What a face! Love this pup! And love the way he talks to her too.”

“She’s so adorable! So much joy she brings.”

And she certainly has a fan club…

“Denver, your smile brightens my day. I still remember your first guilty dog video, one of the best dog videos ever.”

Other lab owners were able to relate…

“It’s so funny watching Denver’s reactions because I have a lab/husky mix that acts exactly like that.”

Denver is obviously bringing joy to a whole lot of people with her series of videos showcasing her charming personality. Dog videos, in general, are sure to cheer you up and make your day, but Denver’s personality certainly shines through compared to some.