Dogs Find And Save Missing 2-Year-Old Boy

Many parents are nervous to let dogs near their small children, but one Minnesota toddler is alive and unharmed today thanks to two protective dogs.

The 2-year-old boy had been playing with his siblings outside his home, but when his grandmother went to check on them, the toddler was missing. For the next 30 minutes, the family frantically searched the property and the surrounding area for the boy and then called the police for help.

The Minnesota State Police sent out two K-9s and a helicopter with an infrared camera, but before they could find the boy they started hearing barking. The police followed the noise, and eventually, they found the boy lost in a cornfield with the family’s two dogs right next to him.

“The dog was in preservation-and-protection mode,” Sheriff’s Lt. Vic Weiss said. According to police, the dogs went after the boy when he wandered off and never left the 2-year-old’s side until the police found them and rescued them from the cornfield.

Watch the entire video below to see what the police saw when they finally found the little boy.

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