Dog waits in line for ice cream truck, watch the dog’s reaction when the driver gives him this

Summertime is a great time of year, a time to sprint through various sprinklers and cruise around the neighborhood on your bicycle until your parents call you back inside. The sound of the ice cream truck is another crucial aspect of summertime fun and the pup in this story is a prime example of this. This time of year is equally fun for our furry friends, especially hungry pups who are looking for a way to cool down.

Reggie the dog is a cute terrier (Staffordshire to be specific) and he loves ice cream almost as much as his human counterparts. He’s developed an awesome relationship with the local ice cream man as well. Every time the ice cream truck makes its way to Reggie’s area of town, the dog gets to enjoy a special treat that is all his own. He even gets to have pork scratchings too!

Reggie’s family is responsible for the arrangement and while he might be VIP status, he is still asked to bide his time in life with all of the other children. His owner decided to film his time in line and show it to the rest of us. The result is a moment that you cannot duplicate and we wish that we lived in this neighborhood, so that we could see Reggie in action for ourselves.

He will not disobey his owner and he does not get into line for the ice cream until he is given the go ahead. Once he receives the “all clear” signal, he sprints towards the ice cream truck at top speed and his wagging tail tells you everything that you need to know about his level of anticipation here.

The poor pup does his absolute best to stay patient and we cannot blame him for being so anxious about receiving his treat. Once the driver of the ice cream truck notices Reggie and those expectant eyes, the moment is almost too cute for words. Who can’t relate to the combination of joy and anxiety that we all experience when it is almost our turn to get ice cream?

This is the sort of cuteness that needs to be shared with the rest of the world and you should definitely pass it along to all of your closest friends and family members on Facebook. Not only is Reggie’s waiting face as adorable as it gets, but just wait until you see what he does once he finally gets his paws on his long awaited treat!