Dog left for dead in abandoned house, but rescuers refuse to give up on the adorable pup

One special Jacksonville dog is getting a well deserved second chance at life and her story provides us with a shining example of the resiliency that all dogs seem to possess in abundance. They are caring animals who are able to love humans unconditionally and even though she experienced horrific abuse at the hands of her past owner, she has not allowed these experiences to taint her point of view.

As it turns out, all she needed was for someone to love her and treat her properly. Her once sad demeanor has now become bubbly, as her owner has provided her with the life that she always desired. She has since been dubbed Hope and her story provides a sad level of insight into the circumstances that she was able to escape in the nick of time.

When Hope was first found, her future seemed rather grim. The poor pup was located by rescuers and she had been tied up in a vacant home. Hope was left for dead and had not been fed in a very long time. The severely emaciated dog was saved by the team of rescuers and they knew that they would have to act quickly in order to right the series of wrongs that had been done to this poor, innocent creature.

The pooch was brought to a safe house, where she could eat, sleep and get her strength back up. Once she had gotten something to eat and received a good night’s sleep, her demeanor slowly began to change for the better. Her sad and skittish ways would soon take a major turn. Hope went from flinching at the mere sight of a human to embracing her rescuers and trusting in them wholeheartedly.

Authorities are currently investigating the situation and trying to find the perpetrators. While she has a ways to go before she is fully out of the woods, we are glad to see that Hope is willing to meet the challenges in front of her. In time, she is expected to find a forever home and we cannot imagine why any number of families would not be willing to adopt her.

Please share this awesome video of Hope in action and be sure to pass this story along to spread awareness about her plight. This is one dog who will make one special family very happy and we wish her all of the best from here on out.