Doctors Said She Wouldn’t Live A Year, Yet Baby With Rare Disorder Defied The Odds

It’s the kind of double whammy that no family expects to experience. After all, the birth of a child is a magical time. No matter the number – the first, the fifteenth – the expectations bring about reflection. About the future. About the present. About how the new bundle of joy will fit into the life you lead and what they will add to it. It’s a time of joy. Of hope. Of optimism.

Meet The Burrs

Candace and Ryan Burr were eagerly anticipating the birth of their second child, a daughter who they named Brielle. Doctors had said that she showed signs of having a skull abnormality, but in these days of corrective helmets and other medical advances, that wouldn’t be a problem. But when she was born, there was more wrong with Brielle than they thought. It turns out the shape of her head was the result of Beare Stevenson syndrome.

Doctors Said Little Brielle Would Not Live Past One

The condition, which causes the bones of the cranium to fuse together to quickly, restricting the size and growth of the brain inside, has no cure. As a matter of fact, fewer that 25 people worldwide suffer from it. The medical experts were clear, and unequivocal – baby Brielle would not live past a year, if that. They told the parents to be prepared to lose the child. Devastated, the Burrs resorted to their faith to give them the strength to endure what was coming next.

Now Nearly Five, She Continues To Defy The Odds

But then something miraculous happened. Brielle lived. Yes, she needs a breathing machine, oxygen, and to be fed through a tube, but instead of dying, she defied the odds. Now pushing five-years-old, the child still needs constant, around-the-clock care, but she just recently started saying “mama” and “dada.” The family knows that each day could be her last, but they treat her continued survival as a miracle. “She brings a special spirit into our home because she is full of personality and loves to make people laugh,” said Ryan in an interview. How amazing.

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