Do You Think Outfit Girl Wore To School Warranted Her To Be Forced To Wear A Cover Up?

Schools seem to be calling kids out more and more lately for dress code violations, but this might be the most ridiculous case yet.

When Remy Altuna of Beaumont High School wore a black bodysuit and baggy jeans to school, she went unnoticed most of the day by security guards and teachers. It was her school’s assistant vice principal, however, who had some concern over Remy’s outfit choice.

The vice principal thought the shirt was too revealing and asked if she was wearing a bra. Remy took to Twitter to share a photo of her outfit choice, tweeting: “BHS is so out of line. Now they want to dress code you for not wearing a bra. My underwear is none of there business.”

In her Twitter post, she further wrote: “Mrs. Weber told me to put my jacket on. I asked ‘why is what I’m wearing inappropriate?’ She said “it’s low and are you wearing a bra?’ I said ‘no, what does that have to do with anything?’ Then she said ‘I don’t want people to see you and assume bad things about you. I’m trying to protect you.’”

Remy’s reason for not wearing a bra, she said, was that she didn’t want to violate the dress code that says shirts “must cover all parts of undergarments and shall not be low cut or revealing.” If she wore a bra, it would not have been covered by the shirt.

The student told Cosmopolitan: “Society is blaming women’s attire for being sexually harassed. What a woman is wearing does not justify inappropriate behavior from others.”

Beaumont High School’s principal, Christina Pierce, explained their side of the dress coding incident, telling Yahoo: “In a school with 2,800 students, we acknowledge that enforcing the dress code is not a perfect process; administrators diligently work to ensure all students are following the dress code.”

She added: “Our goal is to establish a school culture that supports a productive academic atmosphere and safe environment. We provide ongoing training for administrators and staff, who educate students in identifying sexual harassment, and hold regular discussions with students about respectful behavior at school and in the classroom.”

Plenty of people weighed in with comments on the New York Post’s Facebook post covering this dress coding case, with one woman noting: “This outfit looks fine. Why are female boobs even sexualized in our society? Men don’t have to wear bras, women shouldn’t either. I don’t think the boys at the school care, its probably predatory teachers trying to uphold this.”

Another person agreed, writing: “I see nothing wrong. I don’t see her boobs or nipples. Plus a bra with that shirt the straps show which to me is tacky. Bras push up the breasts so what is the difference? We would still see plenty of cleavage. If anything its the shirt.”

Not everyone agreed, however, with one person commenting: “Jesus, the girls are popped out. I would never let my child expose like that. Have a lil pride. Don’t care about the bra thing but the boobs should not be half out. Yeah when you’re 21, wear that out dancing. But not an appropriate outfit for school.”