Do you remember Rodrigo, the man who wanted to be a living Ken doll? At the moment, his face does not look like the face of the doll because … it broke up into pieces!

Not every whim should be realized.

Many people live a moment and do not wonder what the consequences will be for their behaviors in the future, and we can’t be sure, because everything we do echoes in our lives. That is why it is better to think three times than to regret it, because not every mistake can be repaired.

One has to be most cautious when making decisions about their own body. Every single person has only one, so they should hesitate decisions about its modifications. Unfortunately, the increase in the popularity and accessibility of plastic surgery has made people start to treat their bodies as clay, from which they can carve whatever they want.

Rodrigo Alves from Brazil is known worldwide. The man became famous for his desire to become Barbie’s male partner, Ken. Sadly, he quickly lost his common sense, and correcting his appearance with a scalpel and syringe became an obsession for him.

Rodrigo has undergone more than 50 surgeries and operations for which he spent nearly half a million euros! Of course, he expected it to look like his plastic idol, but the human body is not plastic and at some point he must say enough.

The large amount of facelifts and surgical interventions made Rodrigo’s face begin to fall apart. Most problems came from the fact that his nose that no longer wanting to keep to his face (like Michael Jackson’s). In the past 15 months, the man has undergone 3 operations of the nose and necrosis.

In addition, Rodrigo had several lifting procedures within 24 hours, resulting in his face melting under the sun’s rays. The tissue was already so stuffed with artificial substances that it could not maintain its form. The man did not leave the hotel in Los Angeles for five days and had to cancel his participation at a party with Elton John.

Although the breakup of the face is a frightening process, Rodrigo is not going to give up the enhancement of his “beauty” and proclaims:

Now I feel good and I am satisfied with the effect of the facelift. I’ll probably repeat it in 6 months

As you can see, this man before surgery will not stop at anything, and he had a lot of trouble a year ago and almost died of complications after implantation of silicone muscle implants in his shoulders, arms and biceps.

In the past, there was nothing that would indicate Rodrigo would go crazy about his appearance. He was a cheerful and lively child. Eventually, he grew up to be a man who was a little overweight, who got rid of exercise and an active lifestyle. Most likely, he became so critical of his own body that he wanted to resemble Ken.

Rodrigo’s behavior for most people is incomprehensible. The Brazilian has long lost all common sense, and the other operations only do harm to him. What is also puzzling is the manner in which doctors agree to operate on a person who is obviously dependent on modification of the body?

Rodrigo does it all to be perfect like Ken, but the truth is he’s scary and grotesque, because too much is unhealthy…