Diver Gets Back To The Boat And Doesn’t Feel Right, Minutes Later His Body Doubles In Size

It’s pretty scary when you think about how fast your life can change. All it takes is one wrong decision, one wrong turn or a split second to change your life forever.

One fisherman will have to face a life of pain for a reason you would never suspect.

When Alejandro Ramos Martinez was diving underwater on a mission to catch sea creatures, he made one wrong decision when it was time to come up to the water’s surface. He rose up from the sea floor too rapidly and because his body didn’t have a chance to make adjustments to the new pressure, he’s gained 70 pounds in his chest, core and arms, due to the nitrogen swelling in his blood.

The condition, which is called, “the bends,” makes the Peruvian fisherman looks like a balloon on the upper half of his body. And the swelling doesn’t come without pain. The devastating symptoms include the following: swollen joints, itchy skin, paralysis, brain damage, coughs, headache, nausea and dizziness.

According to most divers, getting burdened with this condition is greatly feared, and they work hard to train themselves so they rise to the top of the water with ease and patience. Another reason that causes divers to worry, is that if anything causes you to panic while you are underwater, there is a good chance you will automatically race to the surface to protect yourself, but this can also kill you at the same time.

When the pressure on the body changes so rapidly, it causes the body’s nitrogen to stretch out the skin in an attempt to adjust to the changes.

So, what does a person who has been burdened by “The bends,” and decompression sickness, do to get cured? Doctors are currently working towards easing some of his symptoms. So far they have successfull pumped out 30 percent of the swelling in Martinez’s body. In order to do that, he has to submit to dealing with oxygen treatment that he receives in a pressurized chamber.

In the video below you can see Martinez’s body, as he walks on a public street. At first, he looks like he is a massive body builder walking by, but upon closer inspection, you can see that his body is so swollen it looks as if it’s filled with helium.

It’s hard not to feel bad for Martinez, who was simply doing something that he loved and he made one mistake that will change him forever. Hopefully, the doctors will be able to relieve the swelling 100% so he is back to normal and he can be relieved of the pain that his has had to endure.

It would be interesting to find out how much training Martinez had prior to this dive. Surely he had been on a dive before, so what urged him to rise to the top so quickly?

Hopefully other divers learn from Martinez’s mistake and they don’t do the same thing because surely it is like living in a prison, having to face all that pain every day.