Disfigured Baby Abandoned By Birth Family Given Second Chance By Adoptive Parents

You couldn’t be born with more physical setbacks than those that faced little Adam Paulraj. When his parents saw him in a small missionary hospital in India, they immediately rejected him. The baby boy was born with a rare genetic condition known as Bartsocas-Papas. This meant he had an unusually small head and severe facial deformities. He also had just one finger on his “hands,” his feet were webbed, and his legs were fused together below the knee.

Little Adam Paulraj Was Born With Many Special Needs

Doctors believed he had no chance. The parents refused to care for him, and even threatened to poison Adam if they were forced to take him back to their village. So the child was left in the institution with little hope until worker Jessica and Raja Paulraj stepped in. Believing that all humans are created in God’s image, they felt a calling to take in this babe and give him the best life they could.

His Birth Parents Rejected Him, Even Threatening His Life

They brought the boy back to the U.S., where a Christian charity stepped in. Doctors offered to treat Adam and he had several surgeries to correct major problems both internally and externally. He still needed a tracheostomy tube to breathe and an ostomy bag to defecate, but improvements were everywhere. Soon, Adam was crawling, and even though he could not talk, he grew desperate to communicate.

Then These Amazing People Stepped Up To Care For Him

Sadly, Adam passed on June 12, 2016. He just had too many medical problems to overcome. But consider this – if Jessica and Raja had not stepped in, the little boy would have had no chance at a normal life. He was born on September 18, 2011. He had almost five solid years of love and happiness. For his adoptive parents, it was the right thing, the Christian thing, to do.

More On Adam, Jessica, And Raja

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