Desperate husband ran away from his wife to the forest! His behavior will be understood by every man

Lots of couples complain that after marriage their life changes drastically. Of course, for the worse.

Previously, their relationships were wonderful, but when they put on their wedding rings, everything was complicated. For the cruel life of a married woman, men usually complain. They say that after their marriage their second halves have become bitter, demanding, insensitive and jealous. Maybe they stopped trying, because they came to the assumption that the partner will not run away?

When Malcolm Applegate got married to his wife, he did not expect his life to change drastically. At first, it was like a fairy tale, but later everything started to get complicated. The woman became jealous and possessive. She checked her husband at every turn and did not like when he left the house. Previously, the man enjoyed a happy and peaceful life until he became involved with an inappropriate partner.

“Before I got to Emmaus Greenwich, I was a 25-year-old gardener in Farnborough. I loved my job and still love to be in the gardens. When I got married, my life became more and more disturbing,” the 62-year-old said sadly.

The farmer’s wife was mad at Malcolm mostly because he worked too hard. She wanted him to spend more time with her, not just gardening.

What did Malcolm do to get rid of this difficult woman? About this on the next page.

Unfortunately, the work was very important to him, and the Brit did not intend to give up or go to work part-time. The bushes and flowers were for Birmingham residents and a great passion and way of life. He valued them more than anything else. One day he thought he had to change something. He decided to leave his wife. But he did not decide to divorce. He just got on the bike and started walking. His purpose was to get to London, but his plans were a bit complicated when someone stole a wheel from him in Oxford.

The poor man did not surrender. He walked three weeks on foot, until he finally reached the forest near Kingston. He camped there and remained there for 5 years. He did not live in the forest himself. He was accompanied by two other people he met after escaping from his wife. Finally, he found harmony and blissful silence. He did not listen to complaints, excuses and accusations. He was happy, though very poor and without comfort. It was not about luxury, but about peace and contact with nature, which he loved so much.

He had not revealed where he was hiding, and his family had no idea what was going on with him. After a five-year stay in the bush he went to the shelter for the homeless Emmaus Greenwich. Every day he works in a shop and drives a van. He is grateful for the cozy room and work that satisfies him. Seems to be happy without a wife and thanks to all who gave him a second chance:

I am grateful for what I received. I have a beautiful room, I can work and lead an active social life. My life has finally come to an end.

After 10 years he decided to write to his sister. She thought her brother was dead, and she was delighted when she found out that she was something different. With his wife, he has not renewed contact and it looks like he will not be doing so. Now he is happy with how he lives and that he finally has peace.