Dentist Offers To Fix Depressed Abuse Victim’s Smile For Free, Now She Can’t Stop Smiling

Domestic abuse is, unfortunately, not uncommon. It leaves a lot of damage and scars, both mental and physical. Kyleigha Scott is an example of a woman that suffered this type of abuse for years and ended up with permanent reminders of it.

Marshall resident, Scott, needed to go to the dentist to have one of her wisdom teeth removed. This is a common dental procedure and something that more than half of all adults will need at some point. While she was in the chair having her mouth examined by Dr. Kenny Wilstead, her dentist, he asked her what happened to her front tooth, which was broken.

Scott, who is 28, told her dentist that it was the result of domestic abuse. She exampled that she was head butted by her ex-boyfriend while she was lying in bed one day. She was waiting for her tax return to take care of the work on that tooth because she did not have the money to pay for the fix at the time.

The Texas dentist did not want to make Scott wait to get that tooth fixed. He offered to fix her tooth then and there while he was doing her other dental work. He let Scott know that the work for her broken front tooth was going to be free of charge. In his seven years of working as a dentist, he has seen a lot. It appears that Scott’s story really got to him and he wanted to do what he could to make sure that she could truly be free of her abusive relationship. Fixing her broken front tooth would at least alleviate one of the physical reminders that she lived with every day

Wilstead told the media that when he looks at people’s smiles, he is able to envision what is possible. Removing Scott’s wisdom tooth was a relatively quick and uncomplicated process. This made it possible for him to do the work one her broken tooth at the same time. He said that the composite bond took him 10 minutes. This left Scott with a renewed smile.

After doing the work and showing Scott what her new smile looked like, he took a video of her reaction. This allowed him to capture Scott’s reaction when she saw her fixed front tooth for the first time. He said that it is a moment that he is going to cherish forever. When you watch the video, you can see pure joy on Scott’s face. Wilstead made a difference in her life that day. That 10 minutes he spent fixing her tooth made a major difference in her life and you could see this written all over her face.

The video Dr. Wilstead took of her reaction was posted on his Facebook. So far, there have been more than 277,000 watches on the video. This shows a nice ending to what was once a terrifying and horrific story for Scott. This just goes to show that sometimes help and kindness come from unexpected places.