Deaf sisters play in the park. Then one spots a duck and teaches her sister a valuable lesson

The bond between sisters is one of the strongest bonds in the world. Not only are they family, but they are also our best friends. There can be sibling rivalry, just like any family, but ultimately — sisters are always there for one another.

Two young sisters are enjoying a day at the park with their mom. Not only are they both incredibly adorable — but they are also both deaf.

It’s a beautiful day at the local park, and the cute family is sitting on the grass taking in the sunshine. Mom is filming while her two daughters are seated in the green field. The older sister is sitting behind her baby sibling, straddling her with her little legs.

The little blonde sisters are smiling and giggling as mom is filming them with her phone. It’s a sweet moment that any mom would want to capture on film. Times like this won’t last forever — especially when they reach their teenage years.

Big sister notices a duck off in the distance and desperately tries to grab her little sister’s attention to show her the feathered animal.

Big sis attempts to manually turn her baby sister’s head toward her while simultaneously trying to point toward the duck. The oblivious baby just smiles and looks around, enjoying the nature around her — but paying no attention to the duck.

Mom can’t help but giggle as she watches her daughter excitedly try to show her baby sister that funny looking animal off in the distance. Of course, she’s a baby! She seems to be distracted by mom with the camera and all of the pointing and grabbing!

As her big sister tries to turn her head in the direction of the duck — the baby is starting to get a little peeved that her sister keeps moving her head like that!

Mom keeps filming, and the big sister grabs her baby sister’s head and tries to hold it securely so it can focus straight ahead. As she does this, she makes the American Sign Language hand sign for the word “bird.” All she was trying to do was teach her little sis a new word. How adorable is that?!

The entire moment was caught on camera, and it’s absolutely precious. Big sis is already trying to teach her little sister a thing or two — sisterly love at its finest.

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