Daughter surprises terminally ill dad with wedding dress for her prom

When Madison Dobas showed up to prom, people likely stopped what they were doing and stared at her for a while trying to figure out what her deal was. You see, Dobas went to prom in a wedding dress. She had a good reason for doing so though — her father, Darrell Dobas, had terminal brain cancer and would never be able to see her get married.

Madison said she decided to go to prom in all white to give her dad another memory before he passed. As Madison was getting ready for prom with the help of her mother Barbara Cooper, Darrell waited to watch her come down the stairs. He thought he was just going to see his daughter off to prom like a good dad. He didn’t know she was going to wear a wedding dress.

Madison said to Pittsburgh’s WTAE in May 2013 while she got dressed, “This is the only time he’ll get to see me in white. I think he’s going to be excited to see me.”

When Madison was ready, she came down the stairs at her house and her dad managed to say “wow” even though at that stage of his cancer, he was hardly able to speak. He also told WTAE’s reporter that his daughter looked “beautiful, just beautiful.”

Darrell died on Nov. 13, 2013, nearly six months after the story first ran. Since that time, Madison has raised money for cancer research .

Watch WTAE’s news coverage of the story below: