Daughter hands mom a shopping bag, loses it when she uncovers a pair of onesies inside

Little is more exciting than finding out you’re going to be a grandparent. In this heartwarming video, one soon-to-be-mom in Atlanta, Georgia surprises her parents with the news in a very creative way.

“I got the surprise of my lifetime when my daughter and son-in-law caught me completely off guard and in their clever and sneaky way told me and my husband that they were going to have a baby and we were going to be a Lovey and Poppy,” said Suzie Ray, the soon-to-be grandmother.

At the beginning of a video, the daughter and her husband chat nonchalantly with her parents. Her unsuspecting mother is talking as she folds clothing, unaware that she is being filmed.

“I had no idea and I had no idea I was being recorded. I couldn’t believe it! They got me good! We couldn’t be more excited!”

After folding a dress and an extra-extra large shirt, Suzie Ray pauses. She’s come across a piece of clothing she doesn’t recognize.

“The onesies say, ‘I Love Lovey” and “I Love Poppy” on them so this is how I Foudn out when I finally read the oneses,” said Suzie Ray. “I thought I was looking through old clothes that my daughter was going to give away and then OH BOY WHAT A SURPRISE…lol.”

At first, Suzie Ray is confused by the onesies.

“Oh these are the shirts?” she asks, confused. “Who do these belong to..?”

Suddenly, she realizes what the onesies mean; her daughter is expecting.

“What?!” she asks, her voice octaves higher than before. “No way!” she exclaims, her voice an even higher pitch than before. She stands shocked with her hands over her face. She starts laughing or crying, it’s hard to tell which.

The daughter says nothing, so her father walks up to the table to see what Suzie Ray is going on about. He reads the onesie.

“Are you kiddin’ me?” he asks, shocked. “Are you kiddin’ me!”

“Oh my god!!!” Suzie Ray is squealing, her hands over her heart. At this point she sees the camera and laughs when she realizes she’s being recorded. She laughs hysterically, overcome with excitement.

The camera turns to Suzie Ray’s daughter, who is hugging her father.

“I’m so excited!” Suzie Ray says, coming in to join the hug. The camera man (likely the son-in-law) chuckles, catching the whole thing on tape.

Make sure to watch the video to see this heartwarming moment for yourself!

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