Dad turns camera on and records country hit. Millions have fallen in love with his voice!


You might remember the phenomenal singer that was first discovered when his daughter secretly filmed him singing Tennessee Whiskey in the car. That video ended up going viral and catching the attention of Ellen Degeneres.

His name is Kris Jones, and the video was intended to be just for their family, but it circulated the world and back; the talented dad received a call from Ellen inviting him on her show. Since then, people have started to know his name.

Jones intends on auditioning for The Voice as well where we have no doubt he’ll knock it out of the park. But we found a video of Jones singing that he filmed before ever appearing on The Ellen Show.

Kris Jones sings yet another song that is absolutely blowing people away; even sweeter — he dedicates it to his wife.

Jones has pulled off the side of the highway sitting in his truck as he films the video. He explains that he received a call from his wife asking him to sing the song he was about to perform.

At this point in his life, Jones was just beginning to be recognized from the first viral video. He speaks to his fans through the camera, explaining how he hopes he makes it onto The Ellen Show. It’s pretty adorable to watch, knowing what we know now.

The humble and talented singer has been overwhelmed with all the support he has received from all over the world.

“No words can express how amazed I am every day when these comments keep coming, and prayers keep coming,” Jones says into the camera.

He continues to praise his wife and the love he has for her; and of course, their beautiful children. The soft spoken, gentle giant dedicates the song to his wife, and he begins to sing.

He turns the music on and effortlessly begins singing; his tone and pitch are absolute perfection.

Jones sings the song “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd with complete ease. The lyrics to the song perfectly fit with his sweet and kind demeanor; as if he wrote it himself as advice for his own son.

During the climax of the song, Jones belts it out, and it’s incredible; it’s the kind of voice and moment that gives you goosebumps.

His beautiful video has garnered almost 2 million views and for a good reason. There’s no doubt that Kris Jones has a successful singing career in his future.

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