Dad thinks he’s done with gifts for his 60th birthday. Then his son hands him a small green box

Some people build their entire careers around the fact that one day they will earn enough money to make their parents’ dreams come true.

After all, it’s your parents who helped to make your own dreams come true.

So, it’s only natural that you’ll want to repay them for this. You know, in addition to creating you and giving you life.

Mark Thompson was lucky enough to do this for his father. Mark’s dad had dreamed of having a Camaro ever since they came out in 1996. So, he bought his dad his dream car, a 2015 Camaro 2LS, for his 60th birthday.

“This was a complete surprise for my dad and I was so happy to buy this car for him,” Mark wrote on YouTube.

Not only did he surprise his dad but he caught the entire thing on video. The video starts with Mark handing his dad a present in a green box.

“Well, actually we have one more thing for you,” he tells his father.

“What’s this he says,” smiling softly.

Mark insists that he opens it and finds out for himself. He opens the box and pulls out a set of keys.

“Oh my God, what did you do,” his father says, wide-eyed.

Mark urges his dad to go outside and find out for himself. His father leaps to his feet staring at the set of keys with a huge smile.

“You didn’t do this!” he says making his way through the house.

The smile on his face quickly turns into a totally stunned looked as he lays eyes on the present his son got him.

“Oh my God,” he says. “It’s beautiful.”

“You like it?” Mark asks.

“Yeah,” he says with a laugh. “I love it! Are you kidding me?”

Mark urges his dad to get inside his new car.

Once inside, his dad is in complete awe of the beauty of his new car.

“Want to take it for a ride?” Mark asks.

“Ha, yeah definitely,” he dad answers.

He just smiles as he turns the ignition key.

“I cannot believe you did this,” he says while driving his brand new car.

Mark explained that he’s been saving up for a while and wanted to get his dad what he’s always wanted.

“This is definitely what I wanted!” his dad says.

Now, not everyone can afford to buy a new fancy sports car for their dad, but Mark urges people at the end of his video to “Do something nice for your dad.”

You can watch his video below.

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