Dad Strums Guitar But His Baby Steals The Show With His Dance Moves

In these often turbulent times, there’s nothing we love than a little break from the madness of everything and today we have that in the form of an adorable baby dancing while his father.

There’s not a lot of information about who this adorable child and his father are, besides the fact that the baby’s name is Miles and that they are based in the UK. At first, the baby stops his foot a few feet from his father before he starts pulling off a few amateur moves. The whole thing is absolutely adorable and full of joy. The father, for his part, is still in his pajamas, and the whole scene screams lazy Sundays together where everything is carefree and happy.

The memories and moments a father has with his child, along with all of the joy that this video brings to viewers all across the internet makes this a truly joyful video that we just can’t get enough of. We hope these two continue making beautiful memories as Miles grows up!

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