Dad Cuts Into A ‘Basketball Sized’ Wasp Nest, Has Kids Wide-Eyed With Discovery Inside


What this father and son find hiding in this basketball-sized wasp nest will dazzle and amaze you.

Two years ago, a YouTube channel called “What’s Inside” posted a video that has since gone viral about a dad, his son, and his son’s friend cracking open a wasp nest. To date, the video has over 34 million views.

Dan – the father – introduces his son Lincoln who, in turn, introduces his friend Kai early in the clip. The dad and son duo start the video by explaining their curiosity for what might is hiding inside of a wasp nest. Dan and his son tried looking outside for wasp nests, but they ran into a few problems.

For starters, the wasps outside of their home were tiny in size. Even if the father and son plucked one of these tiny nests, the chances of getting a good look inside and not crushing the nest completely when opening it were not good. The second problem: the wasps. They couldn’t get close to nests with wasps buzzing around them.

Curious, Dan turned to the internet and discovered you could purchase wasp nests on eBay.

The father revealed the nest he ordered came from Wisconsin. As the three unboxed the nest, they braced themselves in the off-chance wasps came flying out of the box. Though, it seemed unlikely given the travels of the box to get there.

The two young boys use a basketball and a soccer ball to demonstrate the actual size of the nest. The father even noted the soccer ball also being a “football” to please anyone watching from other parts of the world.

Dan had some reservations about opening the wasp nest in the house.

After all, could he really be sure there were not any wasps still inside? After getting a push from his son, he decided to push forward in the name of science and learn about the secrets of the wasp nest.

The anticipation was thick as the boys – and those watching the video – waited as Dan sliced and diced his way through the nest. While it appeared pretty easy to cut through, there were still a lot of layers to slice away at. Accounted to the boys, the noise sounded a lot like paper as Dan continued to cut.

Once cracked open, Dan gave the camera a quick glimpse of the inside of the nest before passing a half of the nest to each boy for a closer look.

Mesmerized, each boy examined the half of the wasp nest he had a hold of. For the benefit of the video viewers, the dad does walk-through of what they saw inside of the nest.

Inside of the nest, the boys and Dan found tons of little homes where the wasps likely slept and laid eggs. There were some eggs and dead wasps left behind inside the nest.

Finished with the experiment, Dan decided to have a little fun and teased the boys with the nest while making buzzing sounds.

He noted several times throughout the video his son Lincoln had a fear of wasps.

Have you ever wondered what was inside of a wasp nest?

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