Customs hear small cries for help from plastic bags — make horrible discovery in man’s basement

The border police raided a suspect’s house — and made a terrible discovery in the basement.

They found over 32 small pangolins wrapped in plastic bags.

This week, police in Vietnam raided the house of a suspected criminal. In his cellar they made a horrible discovery.
Wounded and wrapped in plastic bags they found over 30 pangolins. Pangolins are at strong risk of extinction. They are easily recognisable because their bodies are covered in scales.

Pangolins are also the world’s most illegally hunted animal, due to their high demand in China and Vietnam. Many people there mistakenly believe that pangolin scales have medicinal benefits.

Over a million pangolins have been illegally contained in the last 10 years alone, which makes them the most trafficked animals in the world.

Police in Vietnam believe that the suspect intended to smuggle the 32 pangolins over the border using a bus. Police also found 69 turtles that were to be illegally smuggled.

Animal organisation Save Vietnams Wildlife was called and were able to help rescue the animals from the cellar.

Pangolins are naturally defensive animals that roll themselves into a ball when they feel threatened. Once they had been saved, rescue workers saw the pangolins start to carefully unroll themselves and seemed to feel safer.

Thankfully, all of the animals survived and were in good condition, despite their traumatic experience.

Save Vietnams Wildlife will now take care of the animals and slowly and carefully start to rehabillitate them and release them back into their habitat.

Watch the clip below to see the moment the pangolins were saved from smugglers!

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