Creep takes child’s hand and starts walking away, then 12-year-old sees and reacts with lightning speed

If you see something, say something!

Most of us think we know how we would react if a situation took a turn for the worst. Either step in ourselves or call the police.

But when you find yourself in a critical or scary situation for real, do you actually respond in the way you think you would?

It’s a touchy subject. Even if we all want to think the best of ourselves, we don’t always act the way we would hope.

There have been many tests in which different situations have been raised that required someone to intervene. But all too often we see that the spectators hurry without doing anything at all.

But that wasn’t the case for 12-year-old Jada Miller.

Recently, she was out playing in the street with a group of other children from the neighborhood.

Suddenly she saw her 4-year-old neighbor Caylee being led away by someone who wasn’t her mom or dad.

As there were no other adults around, Jada realized that she would have to act fast. She hurried after Caylee while her friend, 13-year-old Trinity Stout, ran to fetch the 4-year-old’s parents.

When Jada reached Caylee she took her hand and walked her forcedly away from the man.

The suspected kidnapper turned out to be 27-year-old Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee who lives nearby.

According to neighbors, he often behaved strangely and had on previous occasions talked about kidnapping and raping children.

He’s now charged with kidnapping, according to Today’s TMJ4.

It’s a good thing that Jada proved to be so brave in this situation, otherwise things could have ended very badly.

You can see a news report about the incident below:

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