Couple’s Car Is Stolen But Their Dog Is Still Inside, Then They Get Distressed Call 3-Days-Later

We often fantasize about the secret lives of our pets, imagining that they are fun and blissful experiences. This couple could never have guessed what kind of day their pet was about to have. The young pup got the ride of a lifetime one night in Truckee, California.

Albus is a small dog who enjoys long walks and playing fetch. One night his owners, Carolyn and Jeff Hamilton, brought him out to the truck. They were getting ready to go on a family outing with him. The two had just loaded up the truck when Jeff realized he had forgotten something. As he walked up the driveway toward the house, he never could have imagined what was about to happen to Albus.

Jeff and Carolyn went inside the house while Albus waited in the truck. He expected his parents to come back any moment, but what happened was much more horrifying.

As the door to the house closed, Albus saw someone dash toward the truck! He waited inside the truck, anxious about who it might be. As the robber entered the truck, Albus no doubt tried to warn his owners of the danger. That’s when things got ugly.

The robber drove off into the night. At some point, he locked Albus in a crate in the back of the car, where he would be stuck for the next three days. All hope was lost for the poor pup.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Carolyn were frantic. When they noticed their car had been stolen, they immediately called the police. They could not stop worrying about what might happen to Albus.

“We instantly called 911,” explained Carolyn to WBRC, “and Truckee Police saturated the area. [They] were dedicated to finding this dog.”

The police were on the scene. They reviewed police tapes to look for any signs of suspicious activity. The police zeroed in on footage of two men robbing items from a car nearby. They thought these must be the same men who had stolen the Hamilton’s truck – and dog – just before.

The police chased and tracked the vehicle as far as they could. By the time they got to Reno, Nevada, they could go no further. It was too much of a risk to continue following the car, so the police returned to their county.

The Hamiltons were devastated. Albus was nowhere to be found, and they feared they would never see him again. They were at a complete loss for what to do.

Suddenly, a glimmer of hope shined through. An anonymous caller informed the couple that their truck was waiting for them in Reno. Best of all, Albus was still safe inside the car!

Jeff and Carolyn were overwhelmed at the news. “Immediately, every emotion ran through us,” Carolyn shared. They were overjoyed that they would get to see their precious pup again.

The Truckee Police rescued Albus and brought him back home. They bonded with the dog during the long ride home. When they got back, the police adored little Albus. They even took a picture with him.

The Hamiltons reacted with pure gratitude. “I think what just happened is that we were able to just be a little more compassionate for people who experience loss,” stated Carolyn.

This heartwarming story reminds us how dear our pets are to us. Be sure to fill your pets’ lives with lots of love.

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