Couple writes 3 things they admire about each other, but what she write brings him to tears

Chelsie and her husband were recently given some of the best news that a couple could ever receive. She is pregnant and while most couples would typically send out a few texts to their friends and family members to spread the word, she decided to take this process one step further and surprise her husband with the news as well. The photographer came up with a brilliant idea to make the shoot even better.

She asked each of them to use a set of chalkboards in order to write down three things that they admired about each other. What a great and original idea! More couples should be taking the time to do stuff like this, to be quite honest. Just think of all the marriages that would be bolstered if couples took the time to build each other up like this….but we digress.

Chelsie and the photographer were able to choreograph the shoot perfectly and avoid the big reveal until the perfect moment. Will, Chelsie’s husband, was none the wiser and he was under the false impression that he was merely enjoying a simple photo shoot alongside of his beloved wife. He was very excited to spend the afternoon with his wife and had zero idea as to what was about to take place.

The photographer was fully in on the surprise, as well. She constructed a fake e-mail that was meant to establish the photo shoot as being a celebratory moment for the couple that had nothing to do with a potential pregnancy. Will did not have any reason to think that his wife was pregnant and we’d like to give a special shout out to the photographer for helping to create such a clever ruse.

The couple was asked to write down the three words that would describe each other best and when it was Chelsie’s turn to do so, this is when she chose to make the big reveal. Her chalkboard was supposed to say the three words that every loving husband longs to hear most (besides “I love you”), but instead, she opted for the longer sentiment of “you are going to be a daddy!”

What an amazing and special moment and thanks to the brilliant work of Kara Quinn Photography, we can now take in this awesome set of pictures and see the magic for ourselves. We don’t know how Chelsie and Kara managed to keep things a secret for so long, but we are certainly glad that they did!