Couple says their vows on Mt. Everest after climbing for 3 weeks. The photos are breathtaking

Most couples dream of a wedding day where they will be warm, comfortable, and relaxed without having to exert too much physical energy… unless it’s on the dance floor. But not Ashley Schmeider and James Sisson, their wedding would include a test of physical and mental endurance.

The couple decided that they wanted to get married on Mount Everest and spent an entire year planning and training for their big day.

It took Ashley, 32, James, 35, and their photographer, Charleton Churchill, about three weeks to reach Base Camp Everest.

The climbed 17,000 feet before they said their vows in the deep snow, freezing temperatures, and high altitude.

How romantic?

Churchill’s photos of the event were nothing short of spectacular.

They show the bright blue sky against the crisp white snow and golden brown mountains.

This may be the one and the only wedding photo of a bride and groom in a camping tent.

Once the couple was all dressed up in their wedding clothes, their photos looked simply magical.

Ashley wore a beautiful gown and James a handsome tux. However, they had to compromise when it came to the shoes they had to wear.

High heels would just not work in this frigid and rocky terrain.

But their wedding vows were just as beautiful and sacred, if not more than they would have been in a traditional place like a church or temple.

Their wedding “ceremony” was super romantic.

And the couple seemed very happy and in love.

Maybe they figured that if they could survive a climb up Mount Everest, then they could survive their marriage.

Maybe it was a practice test of endurance.

Either way, their wedding was incredibly unique and just as breathtaking.

maybe it was a test to see if they could stand marriage how hard marriage would be

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