Couple Locks Home To Enjoy Pleasant Dinner Date, Return To Discover Hundreds Of Strangers Inside

Teenagers are known for their antics. When you’re a teenager, getting into trouble, testing limits, and partying with friends are all in the name of the game. Sometimes, however, innocent hijynx can cross the line, and that’s exactly what one Colorado couple discovered after returning home from supper to find their million-dollar house in complete ruins.

The incident occurred on Saturday, October 14th. Mike Cox and his wife locked up their home and headed out to enjoy a delicious restaurant meal. Within that small frame of time, hundreds of teenagers broke into his home for a party, ultimately causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“You come home and find that 200 or 300 kids have broken into your house and torn it to pieces.”

“There were beer cans, liquor bottles, wine bottles, everywhere,” Cox said.

According to CBS Denver, Cox thinks the teens believed the house was empty. It’s possible they became aware of the address after seeing it listed on a real estate website. Whatever the case, they planned the get-together beforehand, advertising it on social media, and breaking in through the back door.

According to the 911 dispatch call obtained by Inside Edition, the party initially began with approximately 50 underage kids drinking at the home. Cox later explained, “It just slowly built into 300 kids standing on our furniture, throwing beer cans and beer bottles, squirting champagne all over the house.”

Many of the teenagers recorded the party, posting clips to the social media application Snapchat.

Cox told CBS Denver, “There’s video of 5, 6 kids on top of this counter top, squirting champagne all over my house.”

He also stated, “As bad as everything is, the party was still ramping up. I’ve heard that more people were on the way. There could have been another few hundred here, from what I’ve heard.”

When Cox finally returned home from dinner, unaware of what had been occurring under his roof, he was greeted by Douglas County deputies and the hundreds of kids pouring out of the home. Five teens were also found hiding in the basement closet after failing to escape.

“Seeing these kids at my kitchen table where we eat, it just sent me over the top. I was screaming at them. My wife was in tears. It was devastating.”

Prior to the teens’ party, Cox and his wife had spent thousands of dollars remodeling the house to be sold. Now, they are facing additional tens of thousands worth of dollars in the form of shattered windows, cracked tiles, ceiling stains, and more.

Some of the teens have already been identified and are facing charges related burglary and underage drinking.

Cox has stated, “We’re going to go after them with everything we can legally to make this right.”

“I want them prosecuted. I want them arrested. I want them to have to pay for the damage that they’ve done.”

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