Couple Dances The ‘Boogie Woogie’ Onstage – Then Man In Striped Shirt Steals The Show

Have you ever heard of the boogie woogie?

Although it’s not as common anymore, the boogie woogie was a very popular dance style back in the 1950s where it was linked to rock’n’roll and swing dancing. The basics of the style are that it’s based on a six beat pattern and that in competition, it is mostly un-choreographed. Instead, one partner takes the lead and both partners stay in contact throughout, with various tricks and acrobatic moves performed. Although you might not see it in a club, boogie woogie still has a life of its own.

More particularly, boogie woogie lives on in major competitions around the world.

The contest in the video below was held in Moscow, Russia.

Towards the end of the competition was the “Winner’s Jam,” a portion of the performance where a number of couples take turns in a kind of “popcorn” style where they take the stage and impress the judges (and the audience). A moment after the song starts, the first couple steps onto the dance floor and gets a sense of the rhythm.

Once they start dancing, it’s easy to see how this style of dance has survived for so long!

After a few spins and turns, that’s when the real dancing starts.

As they get ready, the first couple does two one-armed cartwheels in a row! After that, the man spins the woman, lifts her high up in the air and has her vault over his arm. Still, there are many more dancers to go. The next couple has several power moves of their own, including an interesting speed up and freeze on a cartwheel. Still, they are only on the floor for a moment before yet another couple is up.

Needless to say, all of the performances are pretty incredible.

Throughout the course of the video, all the dancers get a chance to perform with their partners.

At the very end, all of the dancing pairs take the stage together for a spectacular finale—still, all the energy of the performance can only be described so well with words. To truly experience it, it has to be seen for itself. The video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube and it’s not hard to see why. Although incredible performances are always fun to watch, this boogie woogie contest is something truly unusual.

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