Couple Arrested, Bail Set At $1 Million After Barbaric Crime Targeting Newborns Is Uncovered

An Alabama couple will no longer be able to hide the horrible truth. After both the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama Department of Human Resources investigated the condition of the couple’s newborn twins, they came to the same conclusion. The parents, Marion Dycus and Jordan Swenson, were abusing the babies. From the time the little ones were born on January 2016 until April 2016, they were treating the babies without love. And a few weeks later on May 3, the couple was arrested for child abuse.

But there is something even worse about abusing a newborn infant. Children at this age are so helpless; it is beyond imagination that a parent would abuse them. All these babies need is love and attention. And while their crying and constant needs are difficult to deal with, parents across the world learn to do right by their babies. Dycus and Swenson did not step up to the challenge. Instead, they abused the little ones.

Police first suspected the couple of abuse after the babies were admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Alabama. They were in such bad shape, medics rushed the twins to the intensive care unit.

Doctors and nurses were horrified by what they saw. They couldn’t believe the little ones were in such bad shape.

Soon a warrant went out for the arrest of Dycus and Swenson that charged the parents and alleged that the parents did “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat, or otherwise willfully maltreat the child by causing physical injury which created the substantial risk of death on multiple occasions.”

Hospital workers were almost brought to tears when they saw bite marks on the baby girl’s face. Besides the physical signs of abuse, the girl was in respiratory distress. Meanwhile, her twin brother was also in horrible shape. He had fractured ribs. Both babies had severe bruising on their heads and their faces.

The little girl also had an injury to her mouth. Her frenulum, which is the flap of skin that attaches the tongue between the gum and the lips, was torn.

The parents were arrested and held on $1 million bond.

“This is so way beyond sick. People want to say gays shouldn’t be allowed to adopt because they will be bad parents yet these two made babies on their own and did these despicable things. When will narrow-minded people learn? I’d love to have ten minutes with each of these sick b*******,” a reader of Mad World News raged on Facebook.

Another reader wrote, “Well the first thing that needs to be done if it hasn’t already happened is for both of them to be fixed. Then for the prison not to protect them by putting them in isolation, but in with the mainstream prison population with all of them knowing exactly what these two have done. I guarantee you the correct justice for these two will be doled out by other inmates.”

What do you think should happen to Marion Dycus and Jordan Swenson? Do they deserve life in prison?