Cop Dispatched To Mental Facility About Erratic Patient. Makes Promise That Changes Everything


If you have watched the daily news lately, you know firsthand just how it hard it can be to be a police officer. In a world where corrupt officers abuse their power and the good cops are forced to deal with disrespectful criminals, it can be tough to find a happy story about a citizen’s encounter with law enforcement. Officers need to think quickly to keep the world safe and when an officer diffuses a difficult situation, they deserve kudos.

Take this story about a meeting between a police officer and a mentally ill patient, for example. Mentally ill citizens can pose a difficult challenge for police officers, since they often become violent and are unable to be reasoned with in certain instances. Officers are now given the tools that they need to handle such individuals and are experiencing a greater level of success as a result.

The officer in this story is being praised for their innovative techniques and rightfully so. Deputy Chris Nichols works in Washington state and he was dispatched one day to take care of an issue that was taking place at a local mental health and wellness facility. The patient had a great deal of destructive behavior under their belt and was considered to be quite dangerous.

When Nichols arrived, he decided that it would be best to find a common interest with the man. Once he began to speak to the mental patient, it became obvious that the two men both shared an affinity for coffee and donuts. From there, a new friendship was born. Chris pointed to a date on the calendar and told the man he’d return to enjoy more coffee and crullers….but only if he remained well behaved.

The next time the patient became riled up and ready to cause trouble, the most amazing thing happened. One of the staff members at the facility simply showed the patient the calendar and pointed to the date when he was supposed to receive his next helping of coffee and donuts. All it took was the promise of this officer to calm down the agitated patient. What a stunning turn of events.

While the promise of a favorite snack is not always going to be enough to calm down every mental patient, it is great to see a cop using their ability to empathize. All it takes is a little bit of quick thinking, with a slight dollop of compassion….and maybe a bear claw or two.