Compassionate Cop Plays Sweet Game Of Hopscotch With 11-Year-Old Homeless Girl

It’s not every day that you see a police officer playing hopscotch while on duty, but for one homeless mother and daughter it would be more than just a childhood game. The family had been living of their car for several months when Huntington Beach Police Officer Zach Pricer stopped to check on the family.

While his partner spoke with the mother to help make living arrangements, Officer Pricer began chatting with the 11-year-old girl to distract her from the grown-up talk. He decided to ask the girl if she would like to play hopscotch, or as he calls it “copscotch,” and worked to gain her trust.

Officer Pricer Wanted To Connect With The Homeless Girl

He was incredibly impressed with her intelligence and her positive attitude and told ABC News: “She was very gracious,” Pricer said.

So He Invited Her To Play A Game Of Hopscotch

“Despite having nearly nothing, she was offering to me everything she had to play with. She showed me her bubbles and her little pink shoes that were falling apart but that she still loved. It was amazing to see how thankful she was for what she did have.”

He Nicknamed It “Copscotch”

After the video aired on the Huntington Beach Police Department’s Facebook page, it went completely viral. Countless people in the community commented on how important it was that the officer showed compassion to the young girl and her family.

The Police Department Is Helping The Homeless Family Find Housing

To date, arrangements are being made by the Housing Task Force to help the girl and her mother transition off the streets.

See The Heartwarming Moment That Went Viral Here:

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