Common Bedroom Item Kills Her 7-Month-Old Son, Mom Admits Harsh Truth About Death

When a family loses a child, there is very little consolation to be had and the weeks and months that follow are filled with a sense of emptiness that cannot be assuaged. This is a heartbreaking experience that we would not wish on anyone that we know and we hope that this never happens to any other parents in the world. One family from Washington was forced to endure just such an experience and their mother is now speaking out.

Jordan recently laid her seven month old son to rest and is letting the world know about the horrific events that took place, in hopes of keeping other mothers from having a similar experience. While most of us live with the belief that something like this will never happen to our little ones, the experience is one that is all too common. Over 3,000 babies pass away each year from crib related deaths.

Sloan’s death was also sleep related, as the little boy would regularly spend nights in his crib with a blanket that was made for him by his great-great grandmother. His mother thought that he was old enough to sleep with the blanket initially, due to the fact that he was already climbing, walking and crawling…but she never could have predicted what would happen next.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents not place anything inside of their child’s crib until they have reached the age of one. Unfortunately, Sloan’s mother did not know this until it was too late and the child had already gotten tangled up inside of then blanket. He passed away after his head had become lodged between the bars of his crib.

Sloan’s parents were completely distraught after the tragedy took place and instead of sweeping matters under the rug, they’ve decided to speak out. Jordan and her husband must live each day of the rest of their lives in a state of extreme guilt and sadness. Jordan took to Facebook and wrote a heartfelt post on the matter. While they cannot undo what has taken place, they do have the ability to warn other parents.

Some parents have come forward to criticize the couple, while others are offering support. There is no reason to point fingers at a time like this, as these types of events could happen in any household at any time. Please join us in prayer, as we wish all of the best to this family during their difficult time. Hopefully, other parents will learn from this family’s innocent mistake.