Coca Cola isn’t just for drinking. Here are 12 unexpected uses for it in everyday life

Coca-Cola has been an America staple for a very long time. Advertisements for the popular soft drink can be seen just about anywhere. Some people are even avid Coke product and memorabilia collectors.

But there are more uses for Coke than just as sweet drink.

While it satisfies your sweet tooth, there are lots of practical uses for the soda around your home. There are cleaning, beauty, gardening and lots of other applications for Coke.

Here are some useful ways to use Coca-Cola around your home.

Age Pictures or Paper

Dip a photo or piece of paper in soda and let it soak for a few seconds. When you take it out and dry it off it will have a vintage look to it.

Tough Stains

Add some Coke to your laundry cycle to remove tough stains. The carbonic and phosphoric acid in the soda will dislodge the stain.

Loosen Tight Bolts

Pour some cola on a tight rusted bolt to loosen it. Let the soda sit for a while before your rinse with water and remove.

Window Cleaner

The citric acid in Coca-Cola makes it a great window cleaner.

Oil Stains

Pour some Coke on an oil stain, let it sit, and then pour water over it to remove the stain.

Fade Hair Color

Let some cola sit in your hair for a bit to fade the color if you don’t like the way your dye came out.

Paint Remover

Did you have an accident while painting? Soak a towel in cola and use it to rub out the paint stain you just got on your furniture. Then rinse with soap and water.


You can pour Coca-Cola on bugs that invade your home to kill them.

Brighten and Smoother Skin

Put a tablespoon in some flat Coke in your moisturizer to make your skin smooth and bright.

Remove Gum From Your Hair

Pour some soda on your hair and let it sit for a few minutes before you attempt to slowly pull it out of your hair.

Curl Your Hair

Pour some Coca-Cola in your hair and let it sit for a few minutes before you rinse it out to make your hair curly.

Pain Reliever

Pour some Coka on things like but bites, bee or jellyfish stings to relieve your pain. The chemical in the soda will neutralize the pain.

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