Car Insurer Asks For Photos ‘Straight On And From Each Side.’ Woman’s Reply Has Them In Stitches

They say it takes all kinds. And while Alyssa Stringfellow is known for her “blonde moments” (her words not ours!) she is also now known for her extraordinary sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself.

“I have been debating on whether or not to post this all day because it is PRETTY embarrassing to admit, but I have decided to go ahead and share my really, really… REALLY blonde moment with you guys,” she wrote on Facebook. “Hopefully you’ll get a good laugh out of it once I’m done! SO, here we go. Grab your popcorn because it’s story time.”

In the age of social media people just LOVE to take photos of themselves and this may have gone to Stringfellow’s blonde head. She was asked to take a few pictures to submit to her car insurance company but they didn’t mean pictures of her.

However, that’s exactly what she sent them!

“Once upon a very recent time, I decided it would be a good idea to be added to my memaw’s car insurance policy. Everyone knows you save money with multiple cars, and being single and young…my insurance is pretty high. So, I called Memaw and asked her what she thought, and she preceded to call her insurance agent to find out what I needed to do to be added,” she explains.

She called me back later that evening and said he would need my driver’s license number, my date of birth, and a picture straight on and a picture taken from each side. She gave me his email address and I emailed the information along with the pictures that night.”

Her memaw and car insurer had a pretty good laugh at her little faux pas.

“Sometime midmorning the following day (today *ahem*), I checked my email and find THIS response:

‘Hi Alyssa,

I am going to need pictures like you just took, except it needs to be of your vehicle.’”

“As you can see, I didn’t send pictures of my car…I sent him pictures of myself!

I also had texts from my Memaw saying: ‘Alyssa Rachael, did you send him pictures of YOURSELF!? It was supposed to be of your car!’

So he had called my Memaw and told her, and apparently they laughed about it on the phone for a good five minutes.”

Stringfellow was embarrassed the by the situation but didn’t let that stop her from sharing the story with others to brighten their day with a laugh.

“Needless to say, I was ridiculously embarrassed; and everyone at work had a good laugh at my obvious misinterpretation. The crazy thing is, I asked my mom to take the pictures after I got off work, and we discussed why in the world he would need pictures of me, never once considering it was supposed to be of my car. But, you know what they say, you either have book smarts or street smarts, and I definitely do not have the latter!”

The post ended up going viral with more than 16,000 shares on her Facebook page and 6,000 on the Love What Matters‘ Facebook page.

The best part of this post is that others started sharing their absent-minded moments.

“Many years ago I worked in the office of a grocery store and someone called wanting to know if we sold fish. I gave a little laugh and said, ‘no you should try the pet store.’ As soon as I hung up the phone it hit me that we in fact did sell fish in the seafood department. Lol,” said one Facebook commenter.

“Omg this is GREAT!!!!! thank you for sharing your misstep…i often do, like when I put two contacts in one eye and thought I was having a stroke!!!! In this cruel world, funny crap makes a difference!!!!”

So, while Stringfellow may not have “street smarts” she sure knows how to tell a good story and give people a good laugh!

Though it might not seem like a big deal, those traits can have a profound effect on the lives of others.

You can read all the great responses to Stringfellow’s post below.

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