Bus Driver Rescues Lost 5-Year-Old Wandering The Streets

A bus driver’s main responsibility is safely transporting passengers But when one Milwaukee bus driver saw a child on the street needed help, she stopped everything and now she’s being hailed a hero for it.

Late last month, Karen Martinez spotted a small boy without any shoes on wandering the streets alone. Even though she was in the middle of her bus route, the Milwaukee bus driver knew she had to do something to help the boy, who was just five years old.

Martinez pulled over, got out of the bus, and approached the boy. As she got closer, she could see he was shaking from the cold, so she picked him up and carried him back to the bus so he could warm up while they waited for police to arrive.

“OK, go find a seat where it’s warm,” Martinez said to the boy. While they waited, Martinez gave the boy some things to draw with and even let him sit behind the big steering wheel to cheer him up. Shortly after, police arrived and were able to return the boy to his parents.

Watch the entire video below to see what this bus driver did when he spotted a lost 5-year-old.

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