Bride And Groom Stand At The Altar But Are In Stitches After Best Man’s Unfortunate Accident

If you’ve never seen someone accidentally lose their trousers well, then, you’re missing out! Someone (else) losing their pants is just about the funniest thing that can happen on any other ordinary day. But what can make it even funnier? Someone dropping trow during somebody’s wedding…while they’re standing at the front of the church with the bride and groom…serving as said bride and groom’s best man.

That’s what happened with this guy, who was standing there doing his best friend duty, when his pants just decided to give way. And his best friend, the groom, just bust up laughing and couldn’t stop.

“Tobe, can you come up and hold these?” the groom shouts out into the crowd of guests, wile the priest says at the same time, “And we have a happy and joyful wedding!”

Everyone’s laughter seemingly died down so the priest felt safe to continue. However, as soon as he began to proceed with the wedding vows, the groom could be heard giggling through his microphone again. First, the laughter was suppressed as he tried his best to proceed with the ceremony…and then, well, he went into full-blown, no-holds-barred, tears-rolling-down-his face laughing fit.

His poor bride could be heard saying “Quit laughing,” and though he tried his damnedest, well, he could not quit laughing!

At one point he could be heard saying, “Alright, come on, come on,” but really, he wasn’t ready yet…not even close.

The whole church even lost it at one point, with the whole wedding party, all guests and even the priest joining in on the good time.

And the poor groom…well, it was just one of those things when he knew he shouldn’t be laughing and couldn’t stop because of that fact.

Hopefully, for the groom’s sake, he made it through his nuptials alright. Though I’m sure he and his new bride had an exchanging of words after they exchanged their vows…

“Oh shoot,” the best man said when his pants fell. Oh shoot is right!

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