Boy gets sharp pain in his throat – his doctor is shocked by what he discovers in the X-ray

For parents, summer is a time when your kids have a lot of fun, but it also means having to remind them to be a bit more careful.

They need to drink a lot of water, wear sunscreen, and wear proper shoes when they run around outside.

But one thing we hadn’t thought of before was that barbecue tools can be dangerous — even when kids don’t get near them.

One lovely summer day last summer, Nadia and her family were having a barbecue in their backyard.

Everyone looked forward to eating juicy burgers, including Anthony, Nadia’s son and the first to get one of the homemade burgers.

But the moment he bit into his burger, Anthony’s bliss was replaced by horror.

Anthony told his mom that he felt a needle poking his throat. Horrified, Nadia hurried Anthony to the hospital.

Once there, a doctor took X-rays and discovered something in the boy’s throat that made him act immediately.

The needle-like pain turned out to be a bristle from a metal brush used to clean the grill.

Probably because the brush was a bit old, the bristle had fallen off it and got stuck in the burger that Anthony took a bite of.

The doctor quickly ordered surgery to remove the bristle from Anthony’s throat.

The operation went smoothly, and without complications, to Nadia and her family’s great relief.

Anthony’s throat ended up getting infected, but it turned out to be nothing serious and now he was able to enjoy the rest of the summer.

This was a real eye-opener for us, and we hope that parents everywhere remember to check their barbecue tools before cooking up burgers for their kids.

Watch Nadia describe the terrifying incident here:

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