Boy Caught Putting His Candy In Empty Bowl For Other Trick-Or-Treaters

After a night of trick-or-treating with their daughter, one Idaho couple came home and found the bowl of candy they left was completely empty.

“We were not surprised the candy was all taken,” said dad Jesse Robertson, who had left a sign out that read: ‘Take a treat or two and do a trick. And smile, you’re on camera.’ However, when Robertson and his wife watched the footage from their security camera, they realized one child had stolen all of the candy from their bowl.

But as they watched the rest of the footage, they were left speechless by what another little boy was caught doing. After doing his trick- a spinning jump off the porch- Hayden Chapple came back up to the empty bowl and poured his own candy in. “That’s just not something you see happen often with kids that age,” Robertson said.

According to the 11-year-old’s mother, Heather Chapple, he didn’t want other trick-or-treaters to be disappointed. “There were little kids coming up, and Hayden said, ‘Well, that’s sad; they’re not going to have any candy when they go up there,’” Chapple said. “I said, ‘You could always put some candy in there’ — and he just looked at me like I had come up with the best idea ever. So he grabbed a handful and put it back in the bowl.”

“He wanted to keep putting candy in the bowl. I didn’t want anyone to know we were doing it so I said, ‘That’s it, let’s go!’ and so then we left, and we didn’t really think a second about it,” Chapple said. Now, Hayden is being praised by more than 800,000 people who viewed the footage after Robertson shared the video on Facebook. “It’s kind of gotten crazy,” she said with a laugh. “That’s just Hayden. He’s just a good kid. If he hadn’t wanted to do it, he wouldn’t have done it.”

Watch the entire video below to see the sweet thing this boy was caught doing on Halloween.

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