Boy Born With A Rare Genetic Condition Has A Belly The Size Of A Beach Ball

We sometimes forget how lucky we are in the US. Even with political factions warring over the possible changes in our already over complicated health care system, we have some of the best medical treatment in the world. Diseases once thought incurable regularly fall by the wayside while new advances promise a brighter and more fulfilled future. Even the rarest of conditions see major breakthroughs on a regular basis.

Little Shah Has Suffered For Years

But in other parts of the world, simple issue can go untreated for years…and then, without warning, become life or death situations almost overnight. Something like a tumor, easily removed via surgery, can become a massive burden for those who cannot get (or afford) the operation. Now imagine the condition being far more rare, far more troubling, and far more fatal.

His Condition Keeps His Bowel From Working

Shah Gul Mazar lives in Pakistan. He is only nine-years-old, and when he was one, things went from “normal” to not so within weeks. Doctors later discovered that Shah had Hirschsprung’s disease, a birth defect which affects the large intestine. It caused his colon to swell, and even after treatment to deal with the pain and bloating, the boy still suffers. More advanced medical attention is available, but the family cannot afford it.

He Can’t Go To School And His Parents Can’t Pay For His Treatment

The parents have been praying for a miracle, and they may have just received one. A good Samaritan named Fida Hussain Mastoi has offered to fly the family to Karachi, where there’s a hospital that can help. His parents are hoping that, with treatment, their son can live a good life with a bright future ahead of him.

Here’s More On Hirschsprung’s Disease

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