Boy Battling Life-Threatening Illness Freaks Out When He Notices What’s In The Backyard

Hayden is a three year old boy who has been through a very difficult experience and his resilience is one of the most astounding things that we have ever seen. Lisa and Kyle Scanlon are his parents and when their child was in the midst of facing a life threatening illness, they brought him into their backyard and provided him with a surprise that put a massive smile on his face.

This smile is gonna be a tough one to wipe away, as he was given a brand new play set by the great people at A Special Wish Cleveland Chapter, with some additional assistance from Concord Township’s Anytime Fitness. This little boy has been through so much and it warms our hearts to see him smile. He is suffering from Dravet Syndrome, a particularly severe form of epilepsy.

The seizures last for hours at a time and they have been taking place since he was all of four months old. A crowd of friends and loved ones gather around to watch Hayden get presented with his new play set and a chorus of cheers and claps ensued. The little boy’s doctor is responsible for initiating the process of him receiving the play set.

In the mind of the physician, the child was more than deserving of a special treat after going through so much. The process of raising the money took place at the aforementioned gym and the Make a Wish Foundation also assisted. The fundraiser is called 24 in 24 and participants run a mile each hour to raise awareness about various children who are suffering from illnesses in the region.

Hayden’s seizures have caused brain damage to take place and the child has been left nonverbal as a result. He may not be able to speak, but he does love to enjoy play sets and his parents knew that this would make for the absolute perfect gift. Slides are his favorite and his parents were more than happy to make sure that this specific wish was able to come true.

The little boy was not the only one whose wish came true when the play set arrived and his parents consider themselves equally blessed when it comes to this matter as well. Any moment where they can see him smiling and enjoying life is a major blessing and we urge you to pass this heartwarming story along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.