Blogger Refuses To Pay For Baby-Walker So He Makes His Own And Hilarity Ensues!

Being a blogger on a popular website gives you a little more exposure than the average person.

Especially when you allow your readers into your personal life, as one dad recently found out.

Mark Hoyle, a blogger and popular YouTuber of LadBaby fame, came up with an ingenious way of getting out of paying for, what he felt, was an exorbitant price for a baby-walker that his wife requested.

In the video, which has since gone viral, Hoyle is seen asking his wife if they really need a baby-walker to which she exclaims, “He needs to learn how to walk!”

Hoyle agreed to the purchase, then secretly told the camera, “I ain’t spending 60 quid ($78.64) on a walker. Absolutely no chance.”

The next scene shows Hoyle telling his wife that the baby-walker is all set, he just needs to assemble it and that’s when the hilarity ensues!

Hoyle then reveals his masterpiece to his wife who basically breaks down.

He can’t quite figure out what the problem is, he thinks it’s pretty ingenious and it didn’t cost him 60 quid!

The story doesn’t stop there, however.

Hoyle posted the video and lo and behold people actually wanted to buy it!

The blogging dad created a duplicate PVC baby-walker and listed it on eBay. The homemade baby-walker received so many bids in the first 24 hours that eBay removed the post, assuming the “Zim Zimmer” was a hoax.

Hoyle tried again and eventually sold the product for a whopping £65,900 ($86,295) but it turns out the buyer was a “runner” and never made good on the purchase.

There was a positive outcome for Hoyle, the Zim Zimmer, and Buzby Warrington.

The little boy has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and that’s Hoyle’s innovation baby-walker ended up in his thankful hands.

It turns out a joke by a stubborn husband gave a little boy exactly what he needed.

Watch This Hilarious Timeline Go Down:

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