Biracial Boy Is Hung From A Rope By A Group Of Teens In A NH Area Park

It’s enough to make you run for cover and never seek the strictures of society again. Call it politics or propaganda, a need to address an underserved subsection or the absolute worst aspects of our culture coming to a head, but one thing is clear – bullying and hate crimes are on the rise and many of them are so scary and horrific that what they say about us is as devastating as the crime itself.

Bullying Has Always Been Bad

With a bigoted portion of the people feeling empowered, and a media situation set up to give each and every incident an equal airing, we are seeing a shocking rise in crime and violence against minorities. And it’s happening everywhere. Not just in the rural reaches of the Bible belt, but in such far-reaching locales as New Hampshire. Indeed, a recent event there has right thinking folks shaken to the core – not just for what happened, but for what it means.

Activism And Awareness Has Helped Shed A Light On This Social Blight

Apparently, an eight-year-old biracial boy was playing with his friends in an area park. As they were joking around and having fun, a group of teens approached them. They started taunting the child and calling him hideous racial epithets. And then they took things to a whole other level of awful. When you hear what they did you’ll be appalled. It’s that bad.

Still, Things Like This Are Happening With Too Much Frequency

One of the teens found a nearby tire swing rope and looped it around the boy’s neck. They then made him stand on a picnic table and jump. The boy swung by his neck a few times before he was able to free himself. No one stepped in to help him. When he was discovered, he was rushed to a hospital. The child will survive, but the local sheriff isn’t making any friends with his response. He wants to protect THE PERPETRATORS, since they are underage as well. Talk about adding massive insult to injury. Like we said – something is very, very wrong with things today. This is perfect proof of that concept.

This Is Unconscionable

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