Big Family Decides To Adopt Three More Kids Who Need Desperate Medical Help, Saves Their Lives

When a couple decides to adopt a child, they usually have some criteria in mind. Some have their hearts set on a boy or a girl and others choose a specific region where they want to adopt.

Adeye and Anthony Salem already had their hands full with their three biological sons, Connor, Kellan and Cade, but that didn’t stop them from spreading the love and adopting a few more children who were in desperate need of caretakers. They started out by adopting Hannah-Claire and Haven from China and then they went on to adopt Kael and Hasya from Bulgaria.

While all of the adopted children were in need of care, Hasya was the one with the most need, as she was blind and had cerebral palsy. Although she was 15-years-old at the time of her adoption, Hasya only weighed 20 pounds and she was in a terrible state.

“She spent 15 years lying flat on her back in a crib with no human touch whatsoever,” Adeye said. “The girl was completely emaciated and barely clinging to life. Nothing could prepare us for what we saw that day, just so many children with, a lot of them very minor, very correctible needs, in an orphanage. It absolutely broke our hearts. It did. It just changed us.”

The Wellington couple brought her to the Rocky Mountain Hospital in Colorado in hopes of getting her the nourishment that she needed. Her spine was also in bad shape and it had a curvature of 90 degrees, but that didn’t stop them from seeking the help that was necessary to correct her ailment.

“We used titanium screws and a rod, called cobalt chromium, that allows us to straighten things out and she straightened out incredibly well,” said Jaren Riley, who was the doctor that performed the complicated surgery on the girl.

Thanks to the surgery, Hasya is not able to sit up in her wheelchair and she is four inches taller.

While the Salem couple is extremely busy with their demanding role of parenting six children, they wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s busy and we don`t sit down very often, but we just absolutely love caring for our family,”

“It’s busy and we don’t sit down very often, but we just absolutely love caring for our family,” Adeye said. “Her list of special needs is very long but to us, she is absolutely perfect and she is a gift to our family.”

As if the Salems didn’t already have their hands full, they have decided to embark on another journey. They will be adopting four frozen embryos which are babies that have been frozen for ten years and have faced many obstacles. While they recently faced some challenges with agencies that weren’t willing to implant the embryos due to the possible disabilities, they have found a clinic that is willing to take them on and they are grateful for that because they feel like all children have a purpose whether they have a disability or not.

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