Beautiful video shows why pregnant bellies are the most beautiful bellies

Pregnant bellies are the most beautiful bellies — at least if you ask me.

Most parents-to-be take pictures of the mommy’s growing tummy so they can always remember that special time when they were anxiously expecting the newest addition to their family.

While all pregnant belly photos are special, some become world famous, like this one with a dolphin, and the one in the video below

This pregnant woman filmed her stomach as she lay down on the couch to take a rest. She probably knew something might happen, but the question is: did she know that her baby was going to be that active?

As you can see, the video starts out with a moment of rest and relaxation. Then, the woman coughs a few times and her baby wakes up and really comes to life.

And wait for what the camera catches next… I’ve never seen anything like it!

Talk about having a lot of energy! Isn’t this video wonderful proof of how beautiful life can be and how amazing our bodies are?

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