Barber Spends His Free Time Giving Haircuts To The Homeless, Just Hit Major Milestone

When we give without the expectation to get anything in return, we often get something in return. It’s in those moments when we are not expecting something that we are graced with abundance and blessings. One man has donated more than 1,000 haircuts to homeless people over the last year. He wants to use his skill as a barber to help people look their best so they can go out into the world. Haircuts help people feel confident. They also help someone look better, which can help them succeed at a job interview.

Because of this barber’s selfless generosity, his story began to spread. And that’s when a stranger stepped forward and gave this hero a barbershop of his own.

Brennon Jones is the founder of the “Haircuts for Homeless” initiative. And for the past year, he has been cutting hair for free to help the homeless population on the streets of Philadelphia.

He remembers how it all started.

“I was traveling to work one day, and I seen a guy. I gave him a dollar, and I think I had a piece of fruit or something,” Jones told the news station FOX29. “He was very appreciative, but on my way out I was asking myself what else I could do? What else could I offer that gentleman?”

This was the moment that Jones had his brilliant idea. He would use his skills as a barber to help the homeless people feel better about themselves so they could take steps to improve their lives.

“I said maybe I could use my talent in haircutting to provide a service that could potentially brighten someone’s day,” Jones said to the news source.

Because the idea stuck, Jones’s selfless act became part of his routine. Soon the “Haircuts for Homeless” initiative took off, and he became famous throughout Philadelphia.

“Me personally, I think I surpassed 1,000 haircuts, so many I stopped counting. So it’s been a good year so far.”

The Philadelphia community was very grateful for Jones for cleaning up the streets. They watched as his generosity drew the city together and helped make it stronger. This inspired strangers to think about paying it forward to Jones.

“I feed them, provide them with clothing, toiletries, the whole nine yards,” Jones said. He has gone above and beyond just providing haircuts.

Now that the winter is approaching, Jones will struggle to give haircuts. The snow and sleet could shut down his do-gooder operation.

Sean Johnson wanted to help. He is the owner of “Taper’s Barbershop.”

“When I found out, well, I needed to be part of that,” Johnson said. “I needed to see what I can do to help.”

Johnson invited Jones to a building and then tossed him the keys.

“It wasn’t about giving a barbershop. When you look at the homeless and the things that they need, I looked at it as more. I built something, and I want to see it keep going, and I want to see it do a great thing.”

Haircut for Homeless will be fully operational this winter.