Bank Won’t Let Woman Put Terry Crews On Debit Card, So She Reaches Out To Him Personally

There are a lot of great ways to get yourself to spend less money.

Some people will do a cash-only “diet,” others will use special apps that track your spending, and still others simply leave their credit cards at home. All of these are great ways to trick yourself into spending less cash.

But what if there was a better way? What if there was something on your debit card that would convince you not to spend another cent? Come on, you know that it would be useful.

Well, a girl named Darrel Kennedy found a way to do just that. She thought if she had a picture of someone really intimidating on her card, she wouldn’t spend as much money whenever she took out her wallet. And who would be better for that job than Terry Crews?

If you don’t know who Terry Crews is, you’d probably recognize him as being the actor in the Old Spice commercials.

Before he was an actor, he was a celebrated football player. Since he had so many fans in the world of football, it only made sense that he would go on to be a successful actor. And it seems that people on the internet really love him.

Plus, it wasn’t that long ago that he came out about being sexually assaulted by an executive in Hollywood. Through this brave action, he gained even more fans and become more famous. People loved that he was so open and honest, and he has helped countless other people speak up about their own issues with sexual assault.

But what he’s known most for is his stern gaze.

It really would have anyone put their card back in their wallet. But unfortunately, when Darrel Kennedy told her bank what she wanted on her debit card, they said that she had to have Crews’ permission.

This was a problem for Darrel. How was she going to get permission? That’s when she took to Twitter.

She said:

“They rejected my request because they said I needed written approval from @terrycrews. Can y’all RT or tag him so a girl can save some [money].”

This post blew up on Twitter.

Everyone wanted Darrel to be able to use Crews’ face, so they retweeted him until he saw the message. Crews decided that he wanted to be helpful. He responded to Darrel by saying:

“I approve. Signed, Terry Crews.”

Crews thought it was especially amusing because he even uses the same trick himself.

While he doesn’t have a picture of himself on his debit card, he does carry a picture of himself around in his wallet. He says he looks at it when he’s about to buy something he doesn’t need, and it helps him save money in the long run.

Darrel was super excited and let Wells Fargo know that she had the actor’s permission. Though it took a few days to verify and accept the request, it wasn’t long until the request went through. Darrel will now have a brand-new debit card with Crews’ face on it. Hopefully, that will get her to start spending less money when she’s out and about.

What do you think about this as a way of saving money?

While it may not be as conventional as some other methods out there, it could definitely work. Or, do you think having a funny debit card would make you pull it out more to show your friends and then end up spending more? Either way, it’s something that is sure to bring a smile to Darrel’s face whenever she sees it.

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