Babysitter Sees Strange Note From Mom With Rules For Her Kids, Posts It Online. Goes Viral Overnight

One mom had gone through a lot of babysitters in recent months. And she was desperate to find one who was reliable and good at their job. But because her children were terrors, no one wanted to be with them for any length of time. This time, mom had a plan. She decided to write out detailed instructions and tips so the babysitter wouldn’t expect things to be easy. And when the babysitter saw the long list, she couldn’t help but laugh and shared pictures of the handwritten notes with her friends. Eventually, the pictures got on Twitter and went viral. Check out mom’s brutally honest note to the baby sitter below.

Babysitters are often known to be either perfect care takers or negligent in their duties. Either they’re angels that help the kids study, eat healthy and become better humans. Or they ignore the kids as they run amok around the house eating sugar, candy and any form of junk food available to them.

This mother, who has yet to be identified, doesn’t want an angel babysitter. She wants a bad girl who doesn’t care for her children’s well being. While the note is clearly written in a sarcastic tone meant to entertain, it also reveals a deeply troubled mother who has given up on disciplining her children. They really must be difficult for this single mother to handle.

The long note was called “Rules & Tips” and had two complete pages of handwritten advice for the babysitter. Here’s what it said:

“1. I encourage the kids to watch as much TV as possible, so they will leave me the hell alone Feel free to do the same.

“2. Don’t waste your valuable time cooking or providing healthy snacks. Just give them the pizza and snacks I leave.”

“3. They do still breastfeed on demand. Just download a video on YouTube. It’s not hard or I would not do it.”

“4. Do not take any kittens/candy/puppies from David. Or take a ride in his van.”

“5. If any of my neighbors come to the door, treat them like Jehovah’s Witnesses. Don’t led them any eggs/milk/cigarettes. They know where the store is. And – no – you don’t want to babysit for them.”

“6. Let the kids have as much sugar as they want as long as they will go awa. They take pills to sleep anyway.”

“7. If you have any boys over just make sure they have an uncle/dad/brother/friend that I can call later.”

“8. Don’t answer the house phone unless you feel like paying bills.”

“9. If you look through my drawers, please throw away any overdue bills and gum wrappers.”

“10. Do not believe ANYTHING the kids tell you.”

With that, the mom finished her note. She didn’t bother signing it because she knew the words would speak for themselves.

What do you think about this single mom’s note to the babysitter? Should she joke around like this about her kids or try to hide the fact that they’re terrors?

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